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About Home Remodel Guide.com

As a first time homeowner, I have experienced first hand the joys of owning and remodeling a home in the "burbs." When I was beginning my quest to improve my home, I had dozens of questions. I would ask anyone I knew who also owned a home about what projects they embarked on and what contractors they used. Luckily a few of my neighbors were general contractors with a wealth of experience, so they proved to be excellent sources of information.

There are so many home improvement projects a homeowner can embark on. Many paths with many different home remodeling results. When creating this site, The HomeRemodelGuide.com, I decided to take a very basic approach. My first questions about home remodeling were basic, and I thought it would be a good idea to create a site that reflects basic surface level home remodeling topics for the beginner home remodeler.

To use this site, check out the navigation above. You will find links to various related home remodeling topics. You can also start here at home remodeling central.