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A Backyard Pool

Installing an inground backyard swimming pool is a substantial investment to your home that will add years of home fun and recreation. In the heat of summer, few things look as inviting as a shimmery, pristine blue pool. Instantly cool yourself off and enjoy a temporary reprieve from the hot summer rays.

Since your backyard pool is located outside, you will need to maintain it regularly to keep it clean. Some people choose to hire a pool cleaning service, but it is definitely possible to maintain your pool yourself. It is easy enough so that your kids can even pitch in to earn their allowance!

Most likely, your pool has a pump that circulates the water and helps keep it clean. You will need to change the water filter in your pool pump to keep it in top working condition.

Your back yard pool was built with a vacuum system that allows you to get rid of debris, leaves and dirt that can accumulate in a matter of days, especially after a storm.

By sweeping the walls and floor of your pool, you will kick up dirt and dust that has settled on the walls. This dirt can be sucked up in the pool filter as the water continues to recycle through the system.

Lap Pools for Tight Spaces
If you would like to have a backyard pool but you simply don't have the space required, you might want to consider a lap pool. Lap pools are a great alternative for space challenged yards. They come in a large variety of shapes and sizes. They allow you to get some excercise in a relatively small space too.

Swim spas are an even smaller alternative to a lap pool. Much smaller than a conventional pool, they are just a bit larger in size than a hot tub and function by forcing a strong current of waterflow in one direction. The resistance allows you to swim in place like a stair climbing machine or stationary bike. The current flow is adjustable too, making this type of pool great for hydrotherapy.

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