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Basement Remodeling

Time to rescue the basement! Think of your basement as living space in your home that is completely covered, dry and ready for an upgrade. Time to think about moving all the boxes, and rusty junk out and converting the basement into a room that is far more useful. You can easily convert your basement from a dark unwelcoming room to a beautiful, functioning, integral part of the house.

Some ideas for using your basement include creating spaces such as these:

• Workout Room
• Recording Studio
• Sports room
• Production Facility
• Office
• Home Bar
• Extra Bedroom
• Kids Playroom
• Game Room
• Home Entertainment Room
• Home Theater
• Bathroom
• Spa

Basement Floors
Just like in the primary living space of your home, flooring in your basement will change the vibe of the room instantly. If there is natural light available, you might consider going with a colorful flooring theme like ceramic tile, pergo, or even a durable carpet.

Add Light to your basement
One of the first steps in basement remodeling should be to add as much light as need to transform the space. Since most basements are at least partially underground, natural or artificial light can bring it back to life. Use natural light whenever possible. If natural lighting isn't possible, than try using lighting other than a harsh fluorescent.

Basement walls
Once the basement is removed of clutter and you are ready to transform the space, the first thing you may notice are the walls. You have a clean canvas to work from! Feel free to be a reserved or crazy as you want with your basement walls. A soft color theme can transform what was once an ugly space into something special right away!

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