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Cabinet Refacing

When your kitchen was first installed, it looked fresh, clean, and bright. The kitchen is a busy room however, and time and use take their toll. Do you wish that you could have a new-looking kitchen again, but don’t want to spend mega-bucks on a complete reinstall? The good news is that you can! Kitchen cabinet refacing can help give you that good-as-new look at a fraction of the price of total remodeling.

Benefits of kitchen cabinet refacing:

• Your kitchen looks gleaming new and hygienic
• You save money over a complete remodeling
• Cabinet refacing is faster than remodeling
• A kitchen refacing can add to the value of your property
• Your cabinets will benefit from the protection of new kitchen refacing.
• A well-executed cabinet refacing can last for up to twenty years.

How cabinet refacing works
The existing doors and drawer fronts are removed from the old cabinets. The frames and sides of the cabinets are then resurfaced with wood veneer or laminate. New doors and drawer fronts can then be installed. This also gives you the opportunity to replace worn-out drawers or slides or install new counter tops. If you have some carpentry skills and the right tools, this is a fairly straightforward renovation which you can undertake yourself. Depending on usage, your kitchen cabinet refacing should last for another twenty years.

Choices of colors, finishes, and styles
Use the opportunity of cabinet refacing to give your kitchen a brand new look. You will find cabinet doors in a wide range of colors and styles. Why not replace out-of-date door styles with your choice of modern finishes? You will find a wide range of attractive door patterns available in maple, oak, ash, alder, birch, and other wood finishes.

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