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Cabinets & Harware

Now that you have finished resurfacing, refacing or remodeling your cabinets, it is time for the finishing touch that will really make your cabinets pop out. Cabinet hardware, what many take for granted, comes in a number of different styles, shapes, colors and materials.

Once you decide on a color theme, style and material for your hardware, you will want to be sure you get a matching set. This consists of knobs, handles, pulls and hinges.

Brushed metal hardware ads an excellent contemporary flair to your kitchen, while brass hardware suggests an older classic kitchen style. Glass hardware can add intriguing color splashes to your kitchen in just the right eye-level areas. More abstract hardware designs also add flair and individuality to new kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

Cabinet Hardware Basics
Door, bath and cabinet hardware is available in literally thousands of styles and collections to suit the taste of any homeowner. Although it is the finishing touch on a cabinet remodeling project, you will see that the hardware you choose will really transform the look of the new or re-faced cabinet.

Knobs are made from a large variety of materials including bronze, steel, copper, chrome, wood, plastic and more...