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Entry Doors Open Inward

Have you ever noticed that entry doors always open inward to your home as opposed to public building where they open outward?

By mounting the door so it swings inward, the pin hinges are located on the inside of the door, on the opposite side from any potential intruders. Entry doors are mounted to the door frame with a pin hinge that can be removed relatively easily, so the door can be removed. If you are moving large, unbendable objects through your front door, this is very useful. At the same time, if the door hinges were on the outside of your entry door, a crook could potentially remove them and gain access to the house.

In public buildings, security is also a concern. The primary difference here is that engineers created outward swinging doors for safety, which prevails over security in this case. If a public building needs to be quickly evacuated, the doors should open outward. Imagine a large crowd of several hundred people rushing to get out of the building in an emergency. It is much easier top open a door that swings outward than a door that swings inward.

Don't Overlook Interior Doors
The style of interior doors you choose for your home will make just as much of an impact as many other home remodeling choices. You can mix and match door styles. Use painted and/or natural wood finishes. Soft white has traditionally been a popular door color, but that is changing and homeowners are opting more and more for deeper/darker colors and black for more presence.

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