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Feng Shui And Home Decorating

Most likely you have heard the term Feng Shui. Many interior designers and home remodeling experts like to through that term around. But what is Feng Shui and home remodeling really about?

Loosely interpreted, using Feng Shui when remodeling your home would involve arranging and placing your furniture in such a way as to find harmony within your home environment.

There have been many different sects and beliefs within Feng Shui. There are traditionalists, purists and revisionists. All bring something different and unique to the table. When their concepts are translated into home remodeling and home improvements, you will see common themes. These include things like never having your chair back to a doorway and do not have a home that faces into on coming street traffic. Ultimately what is important is that the flow of energy in your home achieves a Yin Yang balance which will contribute to the greater health of your home's inhabitants. Namingly, you and your family!

Feng Shui Quick Home Tips

Chi energy flow is the essence of Feng Shui. Because of this, you should keep your house clutter-free so the energy can flow from its entry point at the front door to its exit point at the back door.

In the bedroom, never place a mirror on a wall facing a bed. The Chinese believe that your spirit will become distrubed during sleep if a mirror faces the bed. (Bad news for the sexually adventurous?) Also, don't sleep with your feet pointing in a direct line toward the door. The Chinese laid their deceased in a line with the door for easy access to the heavens.

Strategically placed plants make good feng shui. Green, healthy plants help to soften the angles in your home. Keep them watered and healthy.

In the bathroom, keep your toilet lid shut and the bathroom door closed.

Keep your household decor simple and comfortable. Use round tables instead of rectangular tables. Use furniture that can be multi-purpose. For example if you have a coffee table with drawers to store items that can potentially clutter a room (remote controls, magazines, etc).