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Home Security Systems

Family life is precious, and providing solid home security where your family lives should be high on your list of priorities. Burglars and other intruders, fire, carbon monoxide poisoning, and medical emergencies create situations which threaten property and life. A good home security system will offer protection against these threats and also aid a speedy and effective response to an emergency situation.

Burglar alarms
The FBI reported over 2 million burglaries in the US for year 2002. Around two-thirds of those were against residential property with 62.8% of burglaries involving forcible entry. The estimated average loss from a domestic burglary was $1,482. Add to that the danger of armed intruders when your family is on the premises, and the need for a burglar alarm deterrent becomes chillingly clear. An alarm system will encourage the intruder to avoid your property and, if he does break in, an alarm siren will advertise his presence to the world at large.

Fire alarms
Fire can have a devastating effect on property, destroying your home and irreplaceable possessions. Fire and smoke also imperil both life and health. A fire alarm will not prevent fire, but it will ensure that assistance is summoned without delay. The longer a fire burns, the more havoc it wreaks, so the response time to fire emergency is critical.

Carbon Monoxide alarms
Carbon monoxide gas can make you feel sluggish and ill. Too much of it can kill. A carbon monoxide home alarm will ensure that you are alerted to the presence of this deadly gas.

Medical emergency alarms
A medical emergency may strike at any time. Protect your family by ensuring that you have a home security system which will alert the authorities so that medical help can be summoned urgently.

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