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Home Security

Piece of mind. One of the most important issues any homeowner desires. Your house is everything to you and your family. All your possesions are stored in your home. Family pets, family heirlooms, bank statements, pictures, personal information and much much more. For that reason, you want to feel absolute peace of mind knowing that while the family is away from the house at school, work or vacation, your possessions will be just as they were left upon your return.

Unfortunately, even the safest neighborhoods are prone to the occasional set of prying eyes. For example, a delivery man who frequents your neighboorhood often would have first hand knowledge about who is around at different times.

A home alarm system, home security system or home monitoring system are all excellent deterrents in preventing crime to your home and achieving the piece of mind you are looking for.


Is Your Home an Easy Target?
Often, a theif will break into a home without any pre-planning. They are looking for a quick and easy target, a simple in and out. Thare are several things you can do with the exterior of your home to make it a less desireable place for a break-in...

Keep your lawn trimmed so it appears that you are home and not out of town on a vacation.

Trim plants, shrubs and trees so your house can be seen from the street. If your doors and windows can be seen by your neighbors, your neighbors will have an unfettered view of any potential intrusions into your home. There will be no easy place for a burglar to hide in your front yard. The best targets for a potential burglar is a home with hedges and shrubs that can restrict visibility from the street.

Plants under the windows should be directly below the windowsill.

Thorny plants like rosebushes can be planted around windows and on fences. The spines and thorns act as a type of natural barbed wire.

Any unused ladders and yardwork tools should be locked away in a place where they cannot be used to break into your home.