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All About Inground Swimming Pools

A homeowners dream. Installing an inground swimming pool and/or jacuzzi will transform your backyard into a respite for the rays of summer. It will also complete your perfect backyard barbecue environment.

Custom Swimming Pools or Prefab?

There are many choices to consider when installing an inground pool. You will need to choose a nice, relatively flat area in your backyard where the pool will be constructed. If no such area exists, your yard will need to be graded by a professional. If you are getting a prefabricated fiberglass shell for a pool, the company that installs the pool will most likely have a standard package for contruction, grading, installation and upgrade options. If you opt for a custom designed in ground pool, there are many decisions you will need to make concerning the pool shape, depth, usage, pool deck, attached jacuzzi, etc. A professional designer will assist you through this process.

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Dirt Excavation
Once the area of your backyard has been roped off in the shape of your pool and the lines drawn, an excavation company will start work digging the hole. Be forewarned that this is probably the messiest part of the process! Chances are that the ground under your grass backyard is very compacted and hard to dig into. Digging the giant hole for your pool will undoubtedly kick up quite a bit of dust. Trails of dirt will be everywhere, especially along the path used to remove the dirt. The dirt is excavated with a large backhoe, and loaded into some sort of dumptruck. The process of digging up your yard can be stressful, with many workers milling about. Focus on the big picture and how beautiful yor pool and yard will be at the end of the project.

Pool Coping
Picking out the pool coping and border tile is an exciting part of designing the pool. The coping will be either narrow (around 9 inches) or wide (12inches and larger). Traditional bullnose coping always provides a nice visual lip around your swimming pool. Lately many homeowners have used bullnose brick coping and flagstone.

Pool tile
The choices in pool tile are literally limitless. There is a multitude of cermacic pool tile available today. Use something that suits your taste. It doesn't necessarily have to be a "traditional" blue. The tile around the top edge of your pool will be a nice focal point for people looking at your pool. A rich color will definitely stand out. You will be surprised how much color comes out of one or two rows of tile.

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