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LawnMower Care

If you own a traditional gas powered lawn mower, it is important to keep your lawn mower tuned up and ready for spring and summer lawn mowing and lawn maintenance. A gas powered lawn mower has needs similar to a car. For example, you'll need to change its spark plug, change its oil, and make sure the belts are tightened and not too worn out. Lawn mowers also may have an air filter that needs cleaning or replacing and a carburetor and fuel lines that need regular maintenance.

Unlike a car, your gas powered lawn mower has a blade for cutting grass. Think about all the wear and tear that a blade goes through. Once a year, a good idea is to remove it from the lawn mower and give it a good filing to keep it nice and sharp.

An Undercoating For Your Mower
When you plunk down a few hundred or more dollars for a new mower, think about protecting it. There is a way you can protect the underside of your mower from rust caused by chipping from rocks and debris hitting it. You need to purchase a few cans of automobile undercoating. This is a film that will completely cover the under carraige of the new mower and protect the paint from chipping away. Spray on a coat, let it dry completely and then spay a second and a third coat.

Synthetic Oil
By using synthetic oil in your mower engine you will rarely have to change it. It stays cleaner for a longer time then standard motor oil and also keeps carbon seepage to a minimum.