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Patio Decks & Sunrooms

Whether you want somewhere to hold parties and barbeques, or just a place to sit and relax, a patio can provide a wonderful link between your home and garden. Enjoying the outdoors while protected from wind rain and sun opens up a whole new lifestyle for you.

Benefits of Patios:

• Increase the lifestyle and entertainment facilities of your home
• Improve your home’s appearance
• Enable outdoor enjoyment and eating without outdoor exposure
• Add value to your property

Patio & Sunroom design
A patio can be as simple as an area of garden covered with bricks, concrete or patio tiles. This offers no protection from the weather, however. So why not consider using patio sunroom design to extend your home into the outdoors? Patio design can offer an impressive range of features such as patio enclosures, patio decks, and patio awnings. Your patio plan can quickly evolve into an extra patio room for your home.

Patio enclosures
Patio enclosures & sunrooms provide the advantages of an additional room for your home, but at far less cost. Selecting from a wide choice of styles, you can surround your patio area with a screened patio enclosure such as a sun room or a gazebo.

Patio decks
Building a patio deck to extend your kitchen or dining area offers a whole new dimension in eating and entertaining. Decks can vary in size and scope, from the simplest to multi-level. Adding a pergola or patio awning to your patio deck will increase both protection and privacy.

Patio awnings
A retractable patio awning offers protection from the sun while enhancing the appearance of your home. Awnings are available in many colors and designs to complement the appearance of your patio and house.

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