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Plumbing & Plumbers

How often do you call in your plumber? Do you wait until you have a leaky faucet or a plugged toilet? Maybe when you need a new appliance installed? If you do, you are risking serious damage to your plumbing system, and high cost incidents. Why not make sure that these incidents don't happen by asking your plumber to do preventative maintenance on a regular basis.

Your plumber will be happy to inspect your plumbing system on a semi-annual or yearly basis for a fixed fee. They will make sure that routine problems such as leaking taps don't happen by replacing tap washers before they disintegrate. They will replace old valves and the worn out parts of the plumbing system on a regular basis, reducing problems caused by material fatigue that is the root of many plumbing disasters. They will make sure that waste pipes remain unblocked, and will check the quality of water supplies. You can save up to 50% of plumbing bills overall by negotiating a maintenance contract.

Cold Weather Inspections
Before cold weather causes stress on your plumbing system, your plumber will check water pipes for small leaks, make sure that hot water systems have the correct additives, and ensure that pipes are correctly lagged. Many plumbers will review the water pressure variances in your home, installing a pressure regulator if necessary, thus reducing the stress on pipes caused by sudden high pressure.

Preventative Plumbing Maintenance
You’ll benefit from preventative plumbing maintenance. Your confidence in your plumbing systems will be high and you may find that your homeowner’s insurance premiums might be reduced. Talk to your plumber about putting a maintenance contract in place as soon as possible.

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