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Replacement Windows

If your home is proving expensive to heat and you find it’s a little drafty, why not take a look at your windows? Replacement windows can do a lot to reduce drafts (and energy bills) as well as giving your home a facelift. Replacement windows come in different types and materials, and it is important to choose the one which is right for you.

Replacement windows materials

Wood Replacement Windows – a popular choice. Wooden replacement windows look good and they are robust. They also have good insulating properties.

Aluminum Replacement Windows – the strongest choice for your home replacement windows, but with lower insulation.

Vinyl Replacement Windows – a strong material with good insulating properties which doesn’t need to be stained or painted

Fiberglass Replacement Windows – offers strength and good insulation

Choosing your home replacement windows
Your priorities will vary according to what you are seeking to achieve, and you can discuss your options with your replacement window contractor. If you are primarily concerned to reduce your fuel bills then aluminum windows will not be the best choice. You may also wish to consider having two or three layers of glass to provide better insulation. Wooden replacement windows have many attractions, but they do require some maintenance, so they are not ideal if you are looking for “fit-and-forget” windows. You can even get reflective replacement windows which help to block direct sunlight. You will also wish to consider the esthetic dimension. Replacement windows come in many designs and styles so you can choose windows which enhance your home’s visual appeal.

Consulting a replacement window contractor will enable you to select the appropriate material and an attractive design, as well as getting details on cost and installation times.