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Sun Rooms

Solariums, patio rooms, four seasons sun room... whichever name is used, they are all interchangeable terms for a beautiful home expansion, a home remodel addition that you will enjoy very much. A sunroom is an extension of the main house that gets plenty of natural light. Often a sunroom is created on an existing patio. They are called four seasons sunrooms by some people becase this is a room you can use year round.

Sunrooms have become popular additions to the home because a sun room allows for the expansion of the useable home space. These rooms can be furnished and decorated in the same manner as you would treat the rest of your home. The only difference being if you opted to install removeable windows for summertime exposure.

Sunroom Contractor or DIY?
After considering all the elements involved in a sunroom addition, most homeowners opt for hiring a contractor. Of course it is possible for a homeowner to build a sunroom home addition. There are many companies that offer kits that can be assembled in a few days that are extremely high quality. Contractors come highly recommended too. An experienced sunroom contractor knows how to work with an existing structure and add framing, electrical, etc. A sunroom is similar to a house addition in this regard.

There are many varieties in the materials used to manufacture the sunroom structure. Wood and vinyl are two typically used materials. You can create a very simple sunroom, or get as elaborate as you desire with the project.

Blocking rays
Todays sunrooms are designed for year round entertainment. Sunrooms are built to block out ultraviolet rays, so you and your family can enjoy it any time of day without worrying about sun exposure.

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