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All About Swimming Pools

A swimming pool can be a wonderful way to enhance your home. Swimming offers great health and recreational benefits and a swimming pool just naturally lends itself to entertaining and parties. On top of all that swimming pools offer a sound financial investment, increasing both the value of your home and its attractiveness to potential purchasers.

Benefits of swimming pools

• Physical and mental benefits of swimming exercise
• Enhanced potential of your home for family recreation and entertaining
• Improved appearance of your property
• Increase in your home’s value and marketability

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What types of swimming pool are available?
Swimming pool builders can offer you a choice of pool types and materials. There are two main categories of pool. Above ground pools, which sit on the surface, and inground swimming pools, which are fully dug into the land they occupy. An above ground pool will usually cost you less, and you can take with you if you move, but for the full luxurious effect, the traditional inground swimming pool is hard to beat.

Swimming pool materials
Concrete is the longest established material for pools and can be cheaper to install. It has some disadvantages however (longest construction time, higher maintenance, and possibility of cracking) and more modern materials, notably vinyl and fiberglass, are often recommended by swimming pool contractors. Vinyl is a hard-wearing material which resists chemical damage, but it can wear down under direct sunlight. Fiberglass swimming pools generally cost more but are relatively easy for swimming pool builders to install and require low maintenance. Which type of inground swimming pool fits your needs and suits your property is an important issue which your swimming pool contractors will be glad to advise on. You should also ask your swimming pool builders about any permissions you may need to install a pool.