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Vinyl Siding

Your house may be the biggest financial investment you ever make. It is also, of course, the home you and your family live in. Naturally you want both to protect and increase the value of your property while ensuring that it looks good and offers maximum comfort. Because the exterior of your home is all that stands between you and the weather as well as being a major feature of your home’s appearance, installing vinyl siding is a home improvement which offers a host of benefits.

Economical vinyl siding prices, energy and maintenance savings, and adding to the value of your home, make vinyl home siding a great choice when considering home improvements.

Energy efficiency
Vinyl siding creates an insulation barrier between your home’s interior and the outside. This means that, whether you are trying to heat or cool your interior, you can use less energy and enjoy lower bills. If insulation is a real issue for you, you can use vinyl siding manufactured with especially high insulation properties.

Protecting your home
Vinyl home siding offers a really tough exterior which can absorb hard knocks without denting. It also helps to keep out the weather, resisting heat, cold, wind and rain. Vinyl siding has good fire-resistance, and helps protect your home from insects and damp.

With a wide range of style and vinyl siding colors available, you can use your new vinyl siding installation to add beauty to your home. Vinyl siding colors come in a rich variety including striking reds blues and greens among more traditional colors. You can choose between styles such as clapboard and Dutch lap and select from a range of wood finishes.

Low maintenance
Put away your paintbrush! Just wash your vinyl home siding down for years of easy low-cost maintenance.